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Norfolk's Strongest Man 2016

Posted by Andrew Wilby on

Norfolk's Strongest Man 2016

I had the pleasure in competing in the Norfolk's Strongest Man 2016 which was held at the Royal Norfolk County Show.

It was a great competition hosted by The Unit Gym in Dereham and sponsored by Rebel Strength and Viking Strength.

We had 6 Events

1) Loading Medley 2 x 80Kg Kegs, 2 300Kg tyre Flips.

2) 240Kg Yoke into 100Kg farmers frames 20m each way.

3) 6ton Tractor Pull with Harness and Rope.

4) Car Hold for time.

5) Atlas stones on to stone circle. 70, 80,90,100 & 110Kg.

6) 77.5Kg Log lift for Reps in 30 Seconds.

After a few mistakes I manged to finish 5th out of the 12 competitors, which I was happy with.